Gail Hill has operated an art studio professionally since 1986 in Toronto as well as France, England and the United States, working with the mediums of oil, analog black and white photography and text. Her work has been exhibited in private and public collections for more than thirty years and can be viewed at

Gail has been dedicated to the integrity of a long creative career which has included visual arts, creative writing, group facilitating, mentoring and curating. As an artist, she has been continuously inspired by the essential nature of pure communication. The CreativeSelf process was developed through her collective experiences over three decades in witnessing how the effective nurturing of creative risks within a supportive process can profoundly affect imagination and appreciable accomplishment.

I know deeply about passionate existence in a life well lived through creative risk and I am captivated when recognizing a desire in others to realize their own full potential. Designing and directing the CreativeSelf process has been an exceptionally rewarding achievement. I have witnessed participants courageously share big dreams and then change their worlds right before my eyes and I promise you, that’s very powerful stuff.
— Gail Hill | Founder | Creative Director

Gail Hill possesses extraordinary listening and feedback skills as well as a comprehensive understanding of visionary functioning. She has a remarkable ability to break down complex creative methodology and find the words to guide others into realizing their own potential. This unique experiential process and facilitation style has evolved through her investment in over 4500 hours of participation in mentoring and group work over many years. Through an integration of accomplished skill sets she has curated an experience that contains an impressive potential for transformation.

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"Angel at the Tree of Life" . Canterbury, England . 1987 . Gail Hill
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Workshops at CreativeSelf, 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4M 2T4 | 416-466-7707



Streetcar: the Queen or College/Gerrard streetcars stop at Carlaw Avenue, and a short walk to #388.

Subway: go to PAPE station and take the #72A bus SOUTH to Gerrard, and a short walk to #388.

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