A simple definition would describe motivated, imaginative people who meet to listen deeply, reflect and hold a space of integrity for each other to dream big and to realize their expanded potential for creativity and change.


"...passion, purpose and a sense of possibility..."

Gail is a creator of many things besides evocative, original and meticulously crafted works of art. She sparks passion, purpose and a sense of possibility in those she touches through her work and her friendship. One of the best listeners I know, Gail is able to hear what people haven’t yet said and play it back to them, gently nudging them forward. She also excels at bringing people together to spark new projects they would not conceive on their own. She is a natural leader who never imposes her ideas on others but rather encourages them to tap the full power of their talents. You never know where a conversation with Gail might lead you, but it’s going to be a fruitful place.
— Rona Maynard | Author | Toronto
"Caffe Signora"  .  Florence, Italy  .  2009  .   Gail Hill
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It’s essentially a guided creative process, either individually or in a group setting, designed to expand imagination and potential as defined by each individual. As the experience unfolds, you will see your full creative capacity more clearly through a reflective mirroring process. There is no advice given and no judgment. It is a confidential, highly structured, nurturing method whereby each person participates in equal measure every time. The group process is designed so that each individual is equally represented and every minute of the experience is directed. Individual mentoring is a comprehensive guided process through your awareness of creative structuring, communication, intention & reflection.

"...a place way beyond your wildest expectations."

When you locate a leader who understands how to create a sacred space out of an ordinary meeting room you feel lucky. When that leader understands how to hold that space in utter safety and to foster bonds among people previously unknown to one another, you feel supported and blessed. When that leader thoroughly and intuitively understands the creative mind, body and soul you are brought to a place way beyond your wildest expectations. Gail Hill is such a person and such a leader. Want to experience the wonderful world of your own creative realizations? Gail can help you take yourself there!
— Rosie Little Jeffares | Floral Designer | Quince Flowers | Toronto

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You will learn to hear your ideas more clearly than ever before and expand your ability to articulate those thoughts authentically.

Your intuition will become more recognizable and trusted. Your imagination expands. Your courage grows. Your listening skills become more finely honed and then your ability to share your concise, streamlined ideas expands dramatically. Through this process, you will learn the skills required to show up fearlessly for your big creative imagination.

In the workshop setting, you will experience the potent benefits of a collective, focused and supportive co-creative energy. Over the course of the 10 meetings in each workshop the experience has a cumulative effect of elevating everyone and surpassing the scope of ordinary thought. Inspiration is revealed. Faith flourishes. Creativity grows. What happens is outstanding. These testimonials offer some recent individual perspectives.