"...overcome perceived obstacles..."

Gail is one of the wisest, passionate, supportive women I have had the privilege to travel with on this path called life. As a participant in her CreativeSelf workshops I have been witness to her unique ability to hold sacred space for every member of our group. She has provided a nourishing place to explore and overcome perceived obstacles that have held me back from stepping fully into the extraordinary vision and opportunities that my life holds. Through unwavering commitment she offers such profound reflection and insight that has helped me become clearer and more focused in order to ultimately reach for my dreams and make them a reality. She definitely knows how to guide you in asking those challenging questions and she truly is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you uncover what only your heart knows. I am blessed to know her, and will forever be grateful for her faith in me and my soul’s purpose.
— Beth Robbins | Registered Nurse | Holistic Practitioner | Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator

"...stronger, wise, more magical part of myself..."

Sitting down with Gail has been a spiritual experience for me. I am not prone to such proclamations, so this is a big deal. I have never felt so comfortable or so deeply understood in such an immediate way with a stranger. She seemed almost to know me already and is able to articulate ideas and feelings I have thus far been unable to express with any real coherence. She grasps in a very real way, what others (including myself) have found hard to understand - that as a creative and energetic being, my emotional state directly affects the way in which I work and what I am producing. Consequently, she doesn’t shy away from the nitty gritty details and her studio is the safest place I have found my entire adult life. As an artist, it can be difficult to feel understood. With Gail I feel like I am meeting a stronger, wiser, more magical part of myself. With a combination of her intuition and practical guidance, Gail is able to succinctly cut through mental and emotional noise and leaves me with positive, constructive steps with which to effectively structure my daily life and working practice. My biggest takeaway from Gail has been her incredible energy and her immense generosity. I feel like I can accomplish anything after one of our talks, to say nothing of the very real hand she has played in connecting me with other influential figures and clients.

I think of Gail as a kind of fairy god mother. As someone I am supposed to know. Instinct, synchronicity and luck led me to her and she has rapidly become a very important figure in my work and my life. I am beyond grateful for the work we’ve done together so far and I am so excited to keep going.
— Emma Doyle | Fashion Designer | Toronto

"...our work saved me..."

Gail Hill is a creative alchemist, goddess and guru. We began working when my life as an artist was fertile but filled with an uniformed element ... I hadn’t claimed my true self, I hadn’t stood in the truth of who I am as a creative entity. All became clearer, calmer and more true throughout our sessions. Not only has Gail reflected back to me who I am, she has guided me in the direction of who I will be. To say our work saved me at a time when all seemed lost is an understatement.
— Phyllis Ellis | Director | Writer | Toronto

"...life changing gift that you can give yourself..."

Gail Hill’s CreativeSelf workshop is a profoundly transformational experience! While Gail has many talents as an artist, I have found that she has exquisite gifts for witnessing the unseen, exceptional abilities for listening to the thoughts between the words, and graciously, generously, and lovingly sharing that which may be invisible or unreachable to each of us while we search independently. Gail illuminates the dark spaces we all have within us while firmly encouraging and guiding our discovery of our own vast potentiality. She literally radiates warmth and visionary wisdom…teaching us how to fan the sparks of our own inspirations. What a life enriching opportunity!

Through Gail and the CreativeSelf my inspirational inner-journey has revealed to me the tremendous significance of being present with compassion, with grace, with responsibility, with truth, and with authenticity. These are empowering gifts available to all who share this quest called living…for I now believe that it is within this context that we may all hear our own heart’s songs…and dare to live them to the fullest! CreativeSelf is a life changing gift that you can give yourself today, for all your tomorrows.
— R. Ansley Currie | Registered Psychotherapist | Toronto

"...a game changer."

Gail Hill is truth. I have been mentored for only 10 months and she has transformed my life. I came to Gail spinning ... and she helped me find my creative being - the one pushed aside in the service of others. She is able to listen and help me facilitate the change. She is creative, driven, smart, talented, inspirational, a fantastic listener and a powerhouse of knowledge. Gail is a game changer. I leave each meeting able to navigate the world with a clear head and I leave energized, believing in the human spirit and truth. My relationships both professionally and personally have benefited. She has taught me to be a better listener of others and to also hear my own spirit. In a world where potential is seldom realized, Gail Hill and her Creative Self process are leading the way towards inspiration and enlightenment.
— Megan Less | Art Dealer | Toronto

"...the loudest secret I share with everyone."

We tend to be unconscious of the most basic but necessary elements until they are restrained - until we have to hold our breath, we tend not to give it a thought. Then we do something, like take CreativeSelf, and recognize that we don’t need to go as extreme as holding our breath to realize how passive we have been. Listening and hearing people is just as overlooked an activity and just as fundamental for our day-to-day survival. Gail Hill is such an expansive woman - her soulfulness, love, energy, attention, genuineness and flexibility (and the list could go on) make her a special mentor. There is only one of her and Gail is the loudest secret I share with everyone.
— Prateeksha Singh | Graduate Student | OCAD | Toronto

"...blank canvas..."

Everyday begins with a blank canvas. This blank canvas appears before my eyes throughout my morning meditation, allowing me to create what I want for myself for the day. This important technique, along with goal setting and other visualizations are just a few of the creative skills that Gail has taught me. Gail Hill’s CreativeSelf leadership and nurturing has helped push me past my creative boundaries.
— Brooke Lundmark | Nutritionist | Toronto

"...highest purpose..."

We walk in a world rich in information & knowledge and less so in purpose. The CreativeSelf workshop has led to the discovery of an artist in me who is designing the highest purpose for my life. Gail Hill, Facilitator & Mentor, is the masterful, wise teacher to this extraordinary process.
— Dr. Elaine Sano | N.D. ORSCC | Toronto

"...clarity and navigation..."

God has not left us without our teachers, and Gail Hill is one of the best. She is a guru who teaches clarity and navigation. Through her ability to truly listen, she understands the root of all problems and teaches practical techniques for navigating through those problems. Gail is never about what cannot be done, only about what can. Her sessions are enlightened and inspiring and make the world wondrous again. I have also been witness to a miraculous transformation in two of my best friends. In a matter of months they have both become confident, spirited people that have not only taken their personal and professional lives to another level, but have found happiness inside of themselves. I personally wake up each day with gratitude instead of fear, blessed to have Gail in my life.
— Henry Less | Director | Producer | HLP Productions | Toronto

"...a beautiful springboard for transformational change..."

Gail Hill is a creative who has the ability to listen to artistic nomads with an open heart. Whether in a group process or one-on-one, Gail is that beacon of light that guides the nomad into self-discovery where self-acceptance is an adventure. My adventure was a beautiful springboard for transformational change and I am ever so grateful for the experience.
— Delane | Jewellery Designer/Goldsmith | Toronto

"...supportive and nonjudgmental reflections..."

Gail Hill is a remarkable woman. Her ability to transform lives through her CreativeSelf process is far-reaching. She is a caring, insightful and brilliant mentor able to guide with compassion and clarity. She has an uncanny ability to offer positive, supportive and nonjudgmental reflections while recognizing the heart of issues. She is a true muse and an inspiration to all who know her. In addition, her reputation as a gifted artist is well-founded and her unique creations capture the pure essence of the world around us and present them in breathtaking beauty.
— Bonnie Gordon | Executive Director | Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts | Toronto

"...godmother for my dreams..."

Gail Hill is an inspiration from the moment she enters the room. Her energy, her glow, her curiosity and generosity of spirit create an energy field that propels everyone in the room forward. I cannot think of a better godmother for my dreams than Gail Hill.

CreativeSelf workshop is a time set aside bi-weekly to listen and be listened to on a level rarely experienced in our modern lives. It has astonished me how the consistent support and attention of a group of individuals, working together in Gail Hill’s unique framework, has allowed me to excavate the creative self that has been buried for so long under to-do lists, obligations, busyness, fear and uncertainty.

Every time I meet with my group, I deepen my understanding of self, and take a giant step in my own creative process. The unconditional support, the structure of accountability, and the deepening group dynamic make my CreativeSelf meetings an important part of my creative development.
— Lorraine Greey | Publisher | Toronto

"...rare and exceptional."

Gail Hill is a force of nature; one of those creative artists who lives and breathes their art and craft. She is an evolved presence who leads with love and grace and always delivers the rare and exceptional.
— Linda Jane Chandler | Brand Consultant | Toronto

"...inspirational catalyst..."

I have known Gail Hill for over 13 years and she has always been a highly present and creative force. As I live in the US I never thought I would have the honor and pleasure of working with her. Fortunately, Gail now offers mentoring over the phone. It has been over a year and Gail has been the inspirational catalyst that is allowing me to become the best possible version of myself. She is remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me reflect and focus on what is important to me, what stands in my way and the next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. Honoring our time, she is an objective and non-judgmental listener. I feel completely heard, and that has been key to my trusting Gail’s CreativeSelf process. Although I am not a practicing artist, she has allowed me to see that I am a highly creative being. Through the CreativeSelf process I am building lifelong habits that inject creativity in all aspects of my life.
— Marybeth Groff | Natural Hazards Planner | State of Mass. USA

"...gently guides..."

The CreativeSelf workshops run by Gail Hill are extraordinary. As a facilitator she gently guides participants through a process of self discovery. Never judgmental, she creates a safe environment that allows participants to discover the core of who they are, all the while providing positive and insightful feedback. Her ability as a communicator is outstanding. I would highly recommend the CreativeSelf process.
— Jacqueline Ellis | Senior Manager | RBC | Toronto

"...coax our creativity..."

Gail is a highly skilled facilitator who participates honestly and openly with her group. She is very insightful and supportive, and she genuinely cares about the well being and growth of her participants. She has worked with each of us to help coax our creativity into the foreground of our lives so that we can learn to actualize our gifts. Her CreativeSelf process is truly life changing.
— Karen Young | Writer | Toronto

"...the first person to see me as an artist..."

My chance encounter with Gail Hill 18 months ago, and the wisdom she has generously shared with me through individual mentoring sessions and her CreativeSelf group process, has resulted in an amazing and magical transformation in my own life. At that time, I was a successful and senior international tax partner who led a major practice group at a Bay Street firm. Yet, I felt that something important was missing in my life; that I had not found my purpose; that my leadership role, my clients, my intellectual and business challenges were not things that fuelled my soul.

When I met Gail, I recently had had vivid dreams about painting large and beautiful canvases. These dreams filled me with a yearning, yet seemed to have no basis in reality. I had never held a paint brush. I was not a child to whom people would point and say, “She’s so artistic!” My family did not value artists or creativity. Our values were academic achievement and financial security. Apart from my own feelings of being drawn to art and architecture, to moments of beauty, to feeling at one with nature, there was nothing in my life to suggest that I had any artistic leanings or talent.

Gail and I began to work through her carefully designed process, which she built drawing on her years of artistic and creative experiences and her time mentoring other creative souls. Gail was the first person to see me as an artist. Through her process, I started to understand that I had within me the capacity to create the life I wanted. Her group allowed me a space where I could be witnessed and heard, and supported in my transformation.

Within 6 months of meeting Gail, I resigned from my position on Bay Street and began to create my new life as a painter, learning the technical skills I needed, and using the tools I learned from Gail to move forward. I feel deeply satisfied with my life now that I have found my purpose. I love the process of painting, time flies, and I feel a deep contentment with what I am doing. I am producing paintings that feel exactly right to me. I recently participated in an art show and sold my first large painting. I am confident that through this process and continued work with Gail, I will continue to develop and grow.

I would highly recommend Gail, her CreativeSelf group process and individual mentoring sessions to anyone who has a dream about transforming his or her life and wants it to happen.
— Heather Kerr | Retired International Tax Lawyer | Partner at Ernst & Young | Toronto

"...step up into your aliveness..."

Turning 40 was a revelation for me. I was at a place in my life where I wanted to re-define my purpose, live up to my full potential and be in wonderful connection both as an artist and as a woman. Enter Gail Hill … or rather the moment I entered her studio - I felt instant ease and safety aware that I had just crossed the threshold into what would become my journey to be in devotion to my highest creative self. Our sessions are the highlight of my week and as Ms. Hill always says, “We are in co-creativity together here.” I deeply trust Gail’s awareness from experience and her unwavering faith that anything is possible. And I get to create it. If you want to really step up into your aliveness all the way, meet Gail Hill. It’s wonderful up here.
— Kerri Lynne Smith | Writer | Actor | Toronto

"...confidence to act..."

I have been working with Gail on my creative process for over 6 months and we have only ever met on the telephone! I find a quiet place from which to call her, and set aside any distractions. Gail is doing the same thing on the other end. What is interesting about meeting on the phone is the focus that it provides. Other than the fact that we are using the medium of a telephone, it is really about an unmediated conversation where we can get right to it. Gail is an excellent listener; I always feel like I have her undivided attention, and the reflections she gives back to me are insightful and geared toward helping me move forward. I have learned so much about myself over the past several months, and am starting to have the confidence to act on the creativity within me that I am finally unearthing.
— Soraya Farha | Lawyer | Adjudicator | Toronto

"...It's a safe home..."

I trust Gail Hill with my life. I could rarely say that about anyone. As I write this review about Gail’s CreativeSelf process I become emotional. There are tears of “Wow, where would I be if Gail hadn’t been so perceptive and encouraging?” I would most likely still be on my couch in a very blocked dark state living for everyone else but myself. After just one year of working with Gail, I have moved to a new city (something I wanted to do for years but kept making excuses); I received a Vidal Sassoon Scholarship because I learned to believe in myself and own my creativity; I bought a new car because abundance all of a sudden started knocking on my door; and I found a new love because I am learning to open up my heart after 10 long years of being completely closed.

CreativeSelf gave me the tools I desperately needed and moved me in directions I had only ever imagined. The group creative process is work and that’s what I was initially afraid of. I was afraid of what would come up and what kind of judgments might be made. And please, I want to reassure you, CreativeSelf is absolutely the safest place to be and grow. I have grown mentally, emotionally and creatively. I have made genuine friendships with people in this group process who truly care and never judge. I have shared things that I couldn’t imagine I would ever share with others. I have released toxic relationships and let go of experiences in my life that have been weighing me down for years. And as I peeled away layers, I made room for new creative expansion and I am now living for me. Imagine living for yourself? I know it’s hard to imagine right? This CreativeSelf process is different from anything I have ever encountered. It’s Incredible. It’s Authentic. It’s a safe home. Yes, that’s it. I found a safe home with love and growth.
— Zinta Kalnins | Senior Hair Stylist | Toronto

"...transformation that is unlike any I have ever experienced..."

The wisdom of Gail Hill is noetic. I have known, respected and appreciated Gail for many years and began working with her in 2012. Gail’s CreativeSelf process has provided a deep well of inspiration and creativity that has allowed me the courage and confidence to re-write my own journey as well as discover and follow my purpose and passion.

Having spent much of the first 60 years of my life pursuing my own personal development, I can say definitively that the beautifully artistic structure of the CreativeSelf process provides an environment for growth and transformation that is unlike any I have ever experienced. I am deeply grateful to Gail for her work, and the opportunity to be part of it.
— Peggie Pelosi | Founder | Orenda Connections | Toronto

"...inspirations, humour and most certainly a dose of tough love..."

I was so fortunate to have been introduced to Gail Hill based on the recommendation from one of my best friends. My relationship with Gail, since 2011, has only ever been via phone. The experience has been very powerful and instrumental in helping me work through a number of personal and professional issues. Gail’s prompting and well-placed questions helped drill down to the heart of the areas that involved examination and ultimately, change.

Gail’s skills do not easily fit into one category, as her talents and special abilities are truly unique. She is a gifted mentor and guide who leads you to a different plane of thinking - one that leads to feeling happier, contented and fulfilled. And along that path she shares her inspirations, humour and most certainly a dose of tough love.
— Elise Williamson | Director of Marketing | Canadian Tourism Commission | Vancouver

"...warmth and understanding..."

Gail is quite simply the best: inventive, accomplished, creative and of immense warmth and understanding. Her work is exceptional in all ways.
— Neal Rantoul | Professor Emeritus | Boston

"...incredibly valuable..."

Gail’s work is incredibly inspiring. I am lucky to have been able to learn from such an amazingly talented artist. She spent hours teaching me about creativity ... skills that were incredibly valuable to me in my own career. I am very grateful to know and to have learned from her.
— Rachel Simpson | Art Director | Toronto

"...taught me to trust my instincts..."

Gail Hill has been my mentor for 20 years, ever since I approached her as a 15-year-old high school student who wanted to be a photographer. She welcomed a naive kid into her studio and from day one treated me as a colleague in the unpredictable world of life as an artist. She spoke to me with respect and slowly taught me to verbalize my own thoughts and find my own approach in an image-saturated world. Hill taught me to really see and to listen. Having the opportunity to explore the world through her eyes was invaluable. Gail Hill taught me to trust my instincts, believe in beauty and not to be afraid to voice my opinions.

I moved away from Toronto in 1998 but our mentor relationship has continued, stronger than ever. Gail Hill is the woman I write to or call when I start to doubt my work or my vision or my path. She provides excellent guidance that is perfectly catered to me. She has the instincts to know when to push, when to listen and when to guide (gently or firmly). We still meet in person whenever possible (at least once a year) and she continues to provide invaluable feedback on my photography.

Her total commitment to her goals and to supporting those around her never wavers. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t still be on this path, following my dreams around the world and successfully working as a photographer. The skills I learned watching her make art all those years ago go into every photograph I make to this day. I still hear her voice when I am pouring over images, trying to find the right ones to tell my story. Through all the ups and downs of living a creative life, Hill’s example and unwavering support has been the driving force behind my success and fearlessness in following my own path.
— Alexa Vachon | Photographer | Berlin

"...Gail does not do ordinary..."

Bigger than life. These 3 words describe Gail Hill’s art, her entrepreneurial spirit, her approach to every project or event and her compassion for friends, clients and colleagues. She brings sensitivity, limitless creativity and innovation then marries that with boldness. She applies this magic formula to every individual work of art she creates or to any project that captures her interest. Gail does not do ordinary.
— Sandy McMullen | Artist | Toronto

"...astute communicator..."

I have known Gail for 10 year and she has a gift of building strong relationships with people from all walks of life. I believe this is in part attributable to her being an astute communicator who is able to synthesize information provided to her using all of her senses. She is particularly skilled at providing intelligent and practical feedback both in and outside of the workshop setting.
— Cindy Pinkus | Lawyer | Toronto

"...It was challenging. It was transcendent. It was life changing..."

The power of being heard, really listened to, by people who are united in the work, without judgment, opinion or advice is remarkable: freeing, cleansing, the feedback you get from each person….not advice or opinion…but a reflection of “what I heard you say” at a minimum validates that you have been heard. But the astonishing thing, as often as not, is that people hear something that you were not aware of in your words. The simple process of reflecting back to you what they heard opens up new vistas, new thinking, new perspective.

The exercise of being in the present is like a form of meditation to me. It is two and half hours when I am completely and totally in the room, with these people, focused on what they are saying, or I am saying. The rest of the world is outside the door. I leave feeling lighter, more clear headed, and filled with the wonder of witnessing a group of people working so hard together to make themselves the better self they know they can be. It is a wondrous process to be part of and I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege to experience it. It was challenging. It was transcendent. It was life changing.
— Joan Fischer | President | Joan Fischer and Associates | Toronto


Gail is a passionate artist who creates beauty. Her creative energy is infectious and her positive supportive nature is inspiring.
— Sonja Scharf | Akasha Gallery | Toronto

"...highest recommendation..."

Gail is a remarkably talented, professional and amazingly kind person. Gail Hill comes with my highest recommendation.
— Gerda Neubacher | Artist & Gallery Owner | Toronto

"...visionary thinker..."

Gail is truly a gifted facilitator. She is both an excellent communicator and a visionary thinker . Her remarkable listening skills enable her to ‘hear’ and recognize creative thought in its most raw state. I am very grateful to have the experience of being a member of her group process.
— Ann Marie Higgins | Artist | Toronto

"...see my own strength..."

I had the privilege of participating in a group with Gail Hill as facilitator and also individually as my mentor. Gail’s selfless love in support of others helped me to see my own strength and feel gratitude to witness the gift of each member in the group process. I am forever thankful to Gail as my Teacher.
— Tania Moore | Sales Manager | Milton

"...reconnect with my artistic self..."

Witnessing self transformation is rare and almost unheard of. My experience with Gail Hill as Mentor and Facilitator of CreativeSelf has been highly transformative, informative and enlightening. Gail’s compassion, love, intuition, insight and listening skills have helped me reconnect with my artistic self and feel whole again and for that I thank Gail. It is rare to find a Mentor that is capable of seeing you for who you really are and helping you tap into your creative self. Gail is a rare diamond.
— Jayne Dunsmore | Chef | Toronto

"...a depth of wisdom..."

Gail is an insightful and expert facilitator. She brings a depth of wisdom and a discipline to every group that brings new learning and self-discovery. Through her guidance people make transformational change in their lives.
— Sara Thompson | Founder | Avvia Inc. | Toronto

"...clear direction..."

Gail is an excellent facilitator for creative individuals working within a group. She provides clear direction, ensures focus and prevents digression or meanderings. She ensures everyone is heard and included, and with a firm but light hand makes everyone accountable to the process and to the group.
— Jane Tattersall | President | Tattersall Sound | Toronto

"...catalyst towards my own personal and professional growth..."

If I could only use one word to describe Gail Hill it would be “inspiring”. If I could use two, it would be “inspiring & luminous”. Gail’s CreativeSelf workshop and highly tuned facilitation skills have been a welcome catalyst towards my own personal and professional growth during this very experiential process. Unexpectedly, I have also had the honour to witness the extraordinary growth of others within our circle. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate and look forward to a creative process that, as Gail notes, “never has to end.”
— Caroline Nolan | ThinkSustain Consulting | London

"...strategies and tools..."

Gail is truly an inspirational leader and facilitator. Her style of facilitation is authentic and impactful demonstrating by example the strategies and tools that she teaches. Gail is also passionate about the development and evolution of her group members. I would highly recommend Gail and her CreativeSelf workshop to anyone interested in cultivating their inner artist and pursuing their creative potential.
— Dionne England | Author | Rock Star Program | Toronto

"...inspire creativity..."

Gail Hill is one of the most centered, joyous and hard working people that I know and she consciously aligns her actions and words with her core beliefs. Gail is a compassionate listener and devoted to helping inspire creativity and self-expression in individuals and groups through grace and gratitude.
— Diksha Dua | Global Digital Strategist | Dubai

"...view your world through a creatively different lens..."

Gail Hill is a “one of a kind person” who walks in grace, taking in and honoring all of her surroundings. She has a gentle persuasive approach that allows people the space to reflect on her feedback and ideas. She is a master at the art of communication and leaves you feeling like she hangs on your every word. Gail offers you a lifeline, a chance to view your world through a creatively different lens. And her visual art is a further reflection of who she is - big – bold - brilliant - beautiful - creative and ever welcoming. If you have the opportunity to partake in Gail’s CreativeSelf workshop, jump at the chance. When you spend time with her you know you are in the presence of greatness.
— Kimberley Walsh | President | Travelers Emergency Hotline | Toronto

"...I was lucky..."

Gail Hill, in addition to being a visionary artist and photographer, is a valuable mentor with incredible insight and advice. Her passion and genuine love for her art is admirable and infectious. I was lucky to begin my career with her guidance, and can only feel inspired by her knowledge, goodwill and strength of character.
— Magdalena M. | Photographer | Toronto

"...deep and meaningful level..."

Gail Hill has extraordinary communication skills and is a gifted group facilitator. In doing her work, Gail creates an environment that is respectful, safe and enjoyable. She knows how to bring out the best in all participants, and to take the conversation to a deep and meaningful level.
— Barbara Barde | Executive Producer | Upfront | Toronto

"...insight with high emotional intelligence and sensitivity..."

I have been in a group with Gail Hill for many years. She is a profoundly respectful and highly focused listener with extraordinary skills of perception and reflection. Gail is someone you can trust to deliver insight with high emotional intelligence and sensitivity to others. She is creative, devoted and hugely inspirational. If you can get an opportunity to be in a CreativeSelf group process with her I fully recommend it.
— Jody Steinhauer | CEO | Bargains Group | Toronto

"...in a word, awesome..."

Gail is a thoughtful and dedicated facilitator. Her masterful knowledge of the creative process and her ability to guide others through it is, in a word, awesome. Through CreativeSelf, Gail has created a safe space for others to explore, experience and expand.
— Kim England | Community Manager | Toronto

"...outstanding professional..."

Gail is an outstanding professional whose creativity and flair produce great results. Her work is wonderful, and her warmth and ability to connect with her clients at a deep and meaningful level is awesome.
— Diane Kenyon | VP University Relations | UofC | Calgary

"...Mentor of effecting change..."

Gail Hill is a highly gifted and talented artist. She is also a great human being —- a giant of a person, philosophically. Gail is also a deeply spiritual person and highly capable as a Mentor of effecting change in those clients that engage her. She is an experienced, caring and wise individual and it is a privilege to know Gail. She is without a doubt, a very special, ‘one in a million’ type of person.
— Caroline Grant Sullivan | CEO Caroline Furs | Toronto

"...thought provoking..."

Gail Hill is an extremely talented, personable artist - painter, photographer, facilitator, and mentor. Gail has unique and thought provoking perspectives and these are clearly demonstrated in her work.
— Bernice Morrison | Arts and Culture | City of Brampton

"...a step ahead..."

Gail was always a step ahead of the rest of us. She has an incredible vision and drive, and it shows through in her body of work. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you should take it. It is not often one gets to work with a truly great artist.
— Steve Ray | Simon Fraser University | Vancouver


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